XOJO’s versatility sets it apart from any other performance beverages on the market. It’s a go-to for so many different things including weight management, endurance training, performance enhancement and more. It’s also super important for fitness and managing your percent body fat.

XOJO is a powerful weight loss assistant. It’s great for people who are super active and those who are not so active. It has so many different benefits that are extremely important. Let’s look at just a few.

With XOJO you can perform better for longer, which, when you’re trying to lose weight makes a big difference because exercising longer and harder means you’re using lots of additional calories. It’s great too because you can use it as a meal or snack alternative and it keeps you full but it doesn’t fill you up with calories.

The thing with weight loss though, especially for athletes, is it’s not just about losing weight. It’s important that we lose the right kind of weight and that we maintain or increase our lean muscle percentages.

People generally don’t realize that when they go on diets to lose weight the first “weight” to go is the lean muscle mass. Unfortunately, that’s the one thing they don’t want to go. Since they’re losing weight they think it’s fat that’s going, but in reality it’s the muscle.

XOJO helps protect that muscle mass and accelerate the shedding of unhealthy fats. It keeps the muscles healthy and strong and promotes their growth, while accelerating fat burn. XOJO allows you to get lean while actually improving your strength. That is amazing!