XOJO is not only a great product for athletes, but also a great source of high quality and highly nutritious protein for every age group. Kids love the taste of XOJO! Some people just don’t like typical protein sources so XOJO is perfect to supplement a diet that may be lacking in protein; it’s also an outstanding alternative to other, typical, sugary kids’ drinks and is great in lunches or as a healthy after-school snack!

XOJO doesn’t contain any questionable supplements or stimulants and is safe for most children. XOJO gives kids superior protein without the fat or cholesterol. What’s more, XOJO does not contain artificial colors or flavors or high fructose corn syrup. When kids get sick, we need to ensure they are replacing what they lose and XOJO contains optimally balanced electrolytes, critical sodium and potassium to help promote hydration.

XOJO doesn’t contain caffeine or any other similar hidden stimulants that we worry about giving our kids. This is a clean source of protein without any questionable supplements or additives; therefore, XOJO can be used to improve performance for youth athletes & little leaguers. XOJO is NCAA permissible and complies with the stringent nutritional standards of the NCAA. XOJO helps your muscles work and recover better!

So, next time your kids have the munchies, get sick or have a big game you can feel good about reaching for a bottle of XOJO to supplement the healthy food you carefully choose for them because XOJO is kid approved!