When it comes to sports nutrition, products that claim to boost energy or enhance performance are EVERYWHERE. Still, in such a saturated market, there's a conspicuously empty space when it comes to recovery products.

It's odd, considering how important speedy recovery is to overall performance and endurance.

Poor recovery causes two major problems:

  • 1. Missed Workouts: When you are too sore to work out, you miss precious opportunities to improve your endurance and performance and stay ahead of the competition. Missed workouts mean you lose your competitive edge.

  • 2. Soreness During Workout: When you tough it out through the soreness, you still miss out on opportunities to take your performance to the next level. Although any workout is better than no workout, your performance and endurance decrease when you are sore and you are more susceptible to injury.

XOJO changes all that.

While it excels at enhancing performance and improving endurance, XOJO is just as effective at speeding up recovery.

How does XOJO speed recovery?

Using XOJO during exercise gives your body the protein it needs to strengthen muscles in the moment and put them in a better position for recovery after the event. Along with protein, XOJO infuses your body with carbohydrates and electrolytes to provide additional energy and stifle exhaustion.

As we've talked about before, XOJO isn't just an in-game drink. It's extremely beneficial before and after workouts, too. When you "prime the pump" by taking XOJO before your workout, and then finish your workout with more XOJO, you flood the muscles with nutrients that keep soreness and fatigue at bay.

It's a cumulative effect. As you implement XOJO into your daily fitness regimen, over time the soreness and fatigue almost completely subside. Even on the first day that you use XOJO, you'll notice a difference, but after two weeks you'll really experience the game-changing effects of using protein during exercise.

If you're a marathoner looking to shave days off your recovery time, use XOJO

If you're a crossfit athlete tired of being sore all the time, use XOJO

If you're a shorter-distance runner who wants to recover overnight, use XOJO

If you're a football player needing be ready for the next week's game, use XOJO

It doesn't matter what your sport is, XOJO will revolutionize your recovery.

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