Do you want hydration power in your performance drink? You bet! XOJO is formulated with balanced amounts of optimized electrolytes to promote proper hydration and help you keep muscle cramps at bay. Products with unbalanced (too much or not enough) amounts of electrolytes can result in negative side effects. You should never dilute or mix XOJO with another drink. This will disrupt the way that XOJO works, may inhibit the benefits of XOJO and could even cause gastric distress.

One of the biggest benefits of using XOJO for your hydration is that you avoid the too-full, sloshy feeling in your stomach. Continuing your workout is difficult when you drink too much liquid while trying and failing to quench your thirst with a sub-par sports drink or just water.  

Drink all the XOJO you want. You wouldn’t want to do that with just any liquid during exercise!  While most athletes perform just fine after chugging XOJO, we still recommend that you take XOJO in ¼ bottle increments rather than an entire bottle all at once.  Extending use of XOJO over a period of time increases the sustainable benefits of XOJO. But, during the day or after a workout, go ahead and chug. Try out XOJO’s hydrating power during your training and workouts and let us know how it works for you!