Competition in the sports nutrition market is crazy. It’s a huge industry, trying to cater to the needs of athletes who will go to incredible lengths to gain an edge. All that competition has led companies to create products with bigger and better promises that unfortunately, rarely deliver.

XOJO SPORTS cuts through all that noise with an all-new product and technology that come through on their promises, and are beneficial to an athlete’s overall health and performance. Created by a team of leading scientists and nutritionists, XOJO delivers rapidly-absorbing and quickly-digesting protein, allowing athletes to use it during events without GI distress, cramping or nausea. XOJO’s protein is different. You no longer need to limit protein consumption to before or after exercise.

Protein during events delivers essential nutrients to your muscles when they need it the most. It helps them recover from the stress and strengthens them for what’s still to come.

XOJO doesn’t just give you protein though. It gives you the highest quality protein in the right amount. People are generally familiar with branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) but may not realize that BCAAs are a small part of what makes up whole proteins. While BCAAs are important, they are not the only part of the protein that our bodies use during exercise. Whole and complete proteins pack an even stronger punch.

XOJO gives your body the right kind and the right amount of the best protein available. And it can be taken during workout and competition!

Don’t settle for anything other than the best. Your body deserves XOJO!