Tired and exhausted.

Too often that’s how I used to feel at the end a workout. And, often I didn’t exercise nearly as long or as hard as I had planned.

With XOJO, all that changed. XOJO is a revolutionary sports nutrition technology specifically formulated to give energy, endurance and recovery when you need it most, during exercise.

The sports drink market is chock-full of pre-workouts and protein supplements that can be taken before and after workouts, but not during a workout, which ironically, is the period when our body most needs additional nutrients.

Sure, you can try taking traditional supplements during a workout, but be prepared for stomach upset, bloating and cotton mouth. It’s not a pretty site.

XOJO on the other hand is a drink that can be taken during training and events to help your body reach optimal performance levels and recover faster than you’ve ever imagined.

XOJO’s blend of rapidly-absorbing proteins, along with electrolytes and carbohydrates gives your body a perfect mixture of energy-enhancing nutrients to produce both short bursts of energy and longer, sustained energy levels, putting fatigue and exhaustion at bay for a much longer period of time.

And, it’s not just your energy levels that are upped with XOJO. Your muscles are strengthened on the spot too. XOJO infuses your muscles with strength-increasing proteins with each sip. By consuming just four ounces each 15-30 minutes, you can feel a noticeable performance and energy improvement which increases as you consistently use XOJO day over day.

After all, endurance doesn’t just mean working harder for longer periods of time. It also means working out more frequently with less recovery time. XOJO gives you that. Athletes are cutting their recovery times by over half using XOJO before, during and after workouts.

Destroy fatigue and exhaustion and get back on your feet sooner with the revolutionary power of XOJO.