XOJO is a unique performance beverage that leverages the latest technology to deliver protein and other vital nutrients to your body when it needs them the most — during workouts.

How is XOJO able to do this? Why are marathoners who use XOJO able to cut recovery time by five days? How come crossfit athletes can take XOJO and see their soreness completely fade in two weeks or less? What makes it so effective as a midday snack?

It’s all in the label.

The anchors to XOJO’s strength come from it’s proprietary blend of whey and soy protein that is quickly and easily digestible before, during and after workouts. Whey and soy proteins are different, but complementary. By combining them, XOJO can meet the complete protein needs of the athlete. It’s this protein that gets to the muscles when they’re most fatigued, and it’s this protein that helps users shed fat instead of lean muscle mass.

What you won’t see on the XOJO label are any artificial flavors, colors or stimulants. XOJO goes the extra mile to ensure only the highest-quality ingredients enter the bottle.

You’ll also see carbohydrates and electrolytes on the label that combine with the protein to give XOJO users the short and long-term energy and hydration they need. Delivered through two different pathways — these carbs and electrolytes are vital to XOJO’s success.

When you use XOJO you’re giving your body the highest-quality, most effective ingredients possible. The label says it all.